Echt Geil (Reality Sex)

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ECHT GEIL – The ultimate Reality Porn! 12 horny guys locked up for a week in the CAZZO apartment. They’re young, they need the money and they want to have a good time!Sex from the early morning until late into the night and the camera is always there. The atmosphere vibrates with sexual energy, and everyone does whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it – and it is ECHT GEIL.

12 sex scenes: Spontaneous blowjobs in the bathroom, fucking in pairs, three-ways, group orgy scenes. Ben Taylor absolutely must get fisted, Christophe and Darian explore their foot fetish, and a fucking machine also comes into play – and we don’t mean Tim Vincent…

But there’s more: In this film you get to the experience the performers up close and personal: when eating, showering, cuddling and chatting. In extensive interviews they speak about their sex in private. Documentary-style shots provide a look behind the porno scenes at photo shoots and the filming of the sex scenes.

This is porn completely reinvented and new. Main film and bonus features mean a total of four hot hours of porn fun. The two DVDs offer you plenty to discover. Afterwards the viewer may realize that a person can have more fun than just watching a porn film – and that is by being in one! (Applications must include photos and should be sent to

Echt Geil Ben Taylor and Zach Silver
05.04.2012 11 minutes

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Echt Geil Andreas
20.09.2007 4 minutes

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