Homo Office

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A man in a suit is sexy! On the outside, he’s respectable and unapproachable, but underneath the suit lurks a pig.

Jeff is just about to have a smoke when bearded sexpot Spencer suddenly appears. Spencer stuffs his monster cock and a cucumber into Jeff’s mouth. Advanced training for executives: Christian and Damian show their co-worker how double penetration works.

Sergi goes wild when he sees a muscular ass. He pulls down Adam’s pants and nails him on top of a desk. If the boss wants to pork him occasionally, the cock-hungry intern is happy to take care of that. Work is fun! This gay porn movie is fun too. Homo Office - the gay porn office report!
Gay porn scenes:

Spencer Reed + gay porn star Jeff Stronger Jeff is just about to have a smoke when bearded sexpot Spencer walks into the break room. After one look at Spencer’s thick bulge, Jeff is down on his knees. Horny Spencer whips out his cock, fucks Jeff’s face and rims his big, round ass. Then he gives Jeff’s ass a rough fucking on the kitchen table and shoves a cucumber from the fridge up Jeff’s asshole. Spencer shoots his load all over Jeff’s beard.

JP Dubois + gay porn freshman Dave Vizu Two designers discuss a project on their computer screen, but their minds are somewhere else entirely. All of a sudden they start making out, almost as if by magic. They’ve been waiting a long time for this. JP whips out his big cock, and that’s just right for Dave’s greedy pussy mouth. JP lets him rim his hole, but then it’s Dave’s tight little ass‘ turn. JP throws him on the desk and gives him a good fucking.

Gay porn newcomer Max Gruber + Cédric Hof Two co-workers, Max and Cédric, have it in for each other. Totally by chance, they both end up on a vacant office floor. The businessmen get right down to business. Max stuffs his fat prick into Cédric’s mouth, then fucks him hard in a standing position.
Christian Wilde, Damian Boss, Tyson Tylor After a training session, Christian invites two co-workers to his place for a drink. They tease him by boldly whipping out their cocks. Christian can’t resist for very long and soon joins Damian in plugging both of Tyson’s holes. They take turns making Tyson ride their cocks. Finally, he takes both their rods up his ass at the same time.

Adam Herst + Sergi Serrano Spanish fucker Sergi goes wild when he sees a muscular ass. Adam is busy making photocopies when Sergi suddenly pulls down his pants from behind and starts rimming his ass. Muscle stud Adam is happy to spread his cheeks. Sergi pounds him with his gorgeous cock until Adam whimpers for mercy.

Kieron Knight + Oscar De Solei Kieron is good for more than just making coffee. If the boss wants to pork him occasionally, the submissive intern is happy to take care of that, too. Brawny Oscar nails the young cutie on the floor. He even makes Kieron ride his cock before shooting his load in his face.
Bonus: Damian Boss solo Swarthy, hirsute Damian is an exhibitionist pig. He has a beautiful cock and, not surprisingly, is also passionate about fucking. But he likes to play with his hole while jerking off.
Gay Porn Performers:

USA meets Europe: US gay porn star Spencer Reed loves Berlin and, when he’s in town, a Cazzo shoot is always on his to-do list. In Jeff Stronger, he’s found a partner in the same weight class. This powerhouse is France’s latest shining porn star.

JP Dubois is a sought-after gay porn performer, and rightly so. This gentleman from Northern England is always polite, reliable and at the same time fully committed to his work in the gay porn industry.
Max Gruber and Cèdric Hof are both performing on camera for the first time. Max, a down- to-earth Austrian, is happy as a clam just fucking away.

Handsome Christian Wilde is another US gay porn star with German connections. He and Damian Boss form a relentless fuck team. Their “victim” gay porn performer Tyson Tyler, previously seen as a top in CRUSING, shows how much he can take this time.

Strawberry blond muscle stud Adam Herst is the third US import in HOMO OFFICE. Swarthy Spaniard Sergi Serrano (already featured in MAN TRAP und HARD AT WORK) has what Adam needs: a big hard cock and a desire to fuck.

Homo Office Spencer Reed and Jeff Stronger
20.09.2012 13 minutes

Jeff is just about to have a smoke when bearded sexpot Spencer walks into the break room. After one look at Spencer’s thick bulge, Jeff is down... <br>Read more

Homo Office Kieron Knight and Oskar De Soleil
06.09.2012 12 minutes

Gay porn pro Kieron Knight fancies older guys in suits. Oscar seeks submissive bottom-pigs, which he may use to plug his big cock into their... <br>Read more

Homo Office Christian Wilde, Damian Boss and Tyson Taylor
30.08.2012 16 minutes

Three hot men dressed in suits on the way home from the appointment. Handsome Christian invites Damian and Tyson for an aperitif in his... <br>Read more

Homo Office Max Gruber and Cedric Hof
09.08.2012 12 minutes

Gay sex between men in suits. Manly Cédric needs some piece of hot meat for lunch. Therefore, he meets with the muscular macho Max Gruber for... <br>Read more

Homo Office Sergi Serrano and Adam Herst
19.07.2012 13 minutes

Two gay muscle bulls, Sergi and Adam, share an office. Their huge bodies and their fat cocks are hemmed in chic suits and narrow ties, still... <br>Read more