There aren't that many Eastern gay porn stars. Strange, considering that male love was invented in the East. Turkish gay porn performer Aybars is Cazzo’s 2011 discovery.

This sensual, dark-haired, hirsute macho man grew up on the coast of southern Turkey. The love of a gay man led him to Germany, since beneath every hard exterior lurks savage passion. 

Aybars has never regretted the move to Germany. He enjoys the openness of the gay scene and takes great pride in displaying his gorgeous cock to greedy Western Europeans. But not just anyone can have Aybars. The proud gay Turk is into tall, athletic, hairy guys with blue eyes. They have to be blond, because, of course, opposites attract.
Although Aybars is usually a top, he sometimes likes to spread his cheeks for the right guy. His ideal sex partner is "up for anything." With his good looks, versatility and motivation, nothing stands in the way of Aybars’ career in the gay porn industry.

Aybars, whose German is accent-free, is a social worker. He spends his spare time at the gym and roller bladers turn him on. His favorite travel destinations are San Francisco, Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich.

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