Billy Berlin
Billy Berlin

Blond-haired, blue-eyed porn star Billy grew up the son of a German-American couple in the United States. German virtues and an American yearning for freedom make for an explosive combination in the gay porn industry.
Billy is an uninhibited power bottom who will try anything. Billy’s always open for new experiences. 

Billy speaks fluent German, English and Spanish, making him a quick conversationalist on porn sets. As the owner of a designer furniture business in Madrid, he’s a connoisseur heavily involved in shaping gay home design in Spain.

In his spare time Billy likes traveling and going to the movies, theater and the opera. He prefers sitting in the back row where it’s darkest and ideal for getting groped. Billy is very health-conscious and built up his perfect physique with exercise and without the aid of chemicals. He stays fit by jogging and doing regular workouts.

Billy doesn't have one type. He can find something exciting about all kinds of guys. When it comes to sex, he’s “versatile”: he not only likes getting fucked, he’s also an experienced fisting bottom.

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Man Trap Billy Berlin and Marco Salqueiro
27.10.2011 15 minutes

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Bunker Billy Berlin and Jan Forman
16.09.2010 16 minutes

Billy is caught in a trap. The underground bunker where he hides gets attacked by special police forces. Jan, the sex starved police leader... <br>Read more