Erik Lenn

Erik Lenn

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Very sexy and mainly soldier felt asleep in the barracks. When he wakes up from his nap and opens his eyes, he sees two big military dicks over his head. The owners are his comrades in uniforms, standing over him, waiting to be cock serviced. A soldier must obey, he can't refuse the invitation to suck those big cocks of his combat fellows. The "sleepy soldier" turns out to be a cock-whore, ready to be fucked hard by the two military studs. Top gay porn by Cazzo studio from Germany. MIKE FRENCH, ERIC LENN AND STEVE BONSAI

Three agents from a militia have found a group of naked boys resting after an orgy. They chose one to become their cum-dump. The boy receives cock from both ends. His ass gets fucked over and over. He ends up covered in cum and with a very sore hole VICTOR RACEK, ERIC LENN, MARIO DE LAZARIUS AND ROLAND GROSS

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Two prisoners have escaped and are trying to break their chains. A friendly farmer offer a helping hand. The look in his eyes tells a lot. The two convicts haven't fucked for months and the farmer's ass look very inviting. After months of abstinence, they finally feel human again! VICTOR RACEK, ERIK LENN AND MARIO DE LAZARIUS

Waken up by military dicks
Used by the sex militia
Prisoners balls need urgent service
Handy-man's mouth
There are 2 other videos with Erik Lenn on this website There are 2 other videos with Erik Lenn on this website
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