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Bugs Bunny fucked by Duffy Duck
Bugs Bunny fucked by Duffy Duck

A model is hired for a photo-shoot and refuses to take sexy poses. When the photographer insists, he threatens to call his agent. They find a way to submit him. Second later the model is on all four, shaking his ass at the camera...dying to get fucked! MILAN GAMIANI and JAY ROBERTS

A hot blond dude spots a dark hair hottie staring at his crotch on the metro. He starts rubbing his big dick through his tracksuits...After a quick blowjob they end up in a flat where the blond male get to use the cock-sucker's ass and shoot a creamy load on him! MARKUS STEINER and MARCO SERA

He is used to sex-parties and shooting porn but still, this sexy Berlin guy thinks he doesn't get enough sex. The bearded stud can't get enough action to satisfy his huge sex-drive so CAZZO sent him a new recruit and asked him to test him for them. First contact, a few words, a deep long kiss, one hand on the boy's package to see what he's got hiding between his his legs. Then the stud takes his big cock out and feeds it the porn-star wannabe. All is going well! The boy's cock also tastes very nice and there's just one last thing to check out now: his ass. The pro actor has brought a massive dildo and intend to use it on the boy's pussy. How will he manage? Check this out!

Frustrated business man fucks his colleague
Frustrated business man fucks his colleague

He lives a stressful life. This German business man spends his days and nights working and once he goes home, his frustration grows as his wife refuses to satisfy his sexual needs. Now he's thinking about gay sex. In his car he is slowly pulling on his cock, thinking about a hot colleague of his. Suddenly the latter appears and catches him red handed. He gets in the car and starts sucking him off. Right now there's no turning back. All he can think of is fucking the beautiful dude's ass right there in the car park...DANNY STARR AND FLORIAN MANNS

A young German bearded man enjoys the return of the sunny days by lying at the border of a lake. Next to him is another hot guys in his thirties. They look at each-other, get closer and start talking. They're both thinking about the same thing. They get up and head off to a quiet spot for an intense fuck-session. The young bearded dude is a bottom and his ass gets an impressive work-out from his anonymous experienced partner...DIRK BERGER AND JEROME SCHMITT

A blond German twink is having a bad day: he got dumped and has lost all his money. He's now walking the streets, crying and looking in vain to find a solution to his troubles. Just as he sits down a stunning business man offers him money for a blowjob. They're outside in the street but it's late at night and there's no one around to be seen. The hot stud takes his cock and the boy starts soon as he feels it getting hard in his mouth he forgets all his worries. He's happy sucking a cock who belongs to a hot man...All he wants now is his load! ERIK FINNEGAN

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An estate agent, his customer and two intruders embark on a gay orgy where big gay cocks are intensely honored by gay blowjobs and open asses.

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In a garage, cars are getting fixed but there's more important stuff to take care of first: cocks and asses come first! One mechanic has found a way to create his own sling and is waiting with his legs up for his colleague to arrive. He is wearing skin-tight rubber opened shorts and a jockstrap under to show off his ass and give access to his greedy hole. His colleague finally arrives: top, dominant and kinky. He's gonna stuff that dirty little pig with his cock first...then his fist is going in. Rough, deep, painful and extremely to video not to be missed! GEOFFREY PAINE AND SYLVAIN LYK

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