Edward Fox

Edward Fox

Edward Fox attended drama school in the hopes of a great career on the stage. But then it occurred to him that his greatest asset'a hungry monster cock'would be underutilised in the theatre. On Cazzo porn shoots he gets to give both his great passions free rein: sex and acting. Edward loves sex on camera because he likes being watched while fucking. At some point during the shoot he'll forget that there are other people besides himself and his partner on set. That's when his scenes get really intense. Edward is a total top who knows how to use charm and humour to get the best performance out of his partner. In Fuck Break he gives gay muscle stud Luca Borromeo a good pounding. In Sommerloch he and sex pig Peto Coast tag team fuck greedy Lucio Saints. Edward likes bottoms with large mouths and full lips, who are good kissers and know how to give head. Edward also likes guys with bubble butts, muscular physiques and big cocks, of course, but he’s especially turned on by nice lips. Edward likes to travel. He is a witty and attentive conversationalist. He has a sparkling wit and is full of impish ideas. He loves the cinema and knows more about pop music and pop stars than anyone. He would be good husband material—if it weren't for his uncontrollable urge for sex, sex, and more sex... Movies: "Fuck Break", "Fucking Lost", "Ficktest", "Hard At Work"
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A business man leaves his office to take a break outside. He is approached by a sexy biker in full leathers. He is clearly attracted by the hunk and follows him to his fuck-pad. His big fat cock is just what the business man needs to distress. His hole totally offered to the biker, he takes every inch up his gut, moaning like a little bitch! EDWARD FOX AND LUTZ PHOENIX

A beautiful young man meet two guys in some old industrial building on the edge of the city. Those two men get out their big hard dicks, which the youngster will suck like a man. He will offer later his gorgeous ass to both guys. Great scene with beautiful men in real men fuck.

Yoan is visiting Germany for a few days. He's heard that German tops are rough and show no mercy for passive boys like him. Now he wants his first taste of German action. Check this out! EDWARD FOX AND LE YOAN GRALL

The lucky passive cock-sucker in this video is about to take to enormous cocks from expert fuckers Peto Coast and Edward Fox in a garage. This is gonna be a macho fuck with rock-hard dicks and cum-filled balls. A proper CAZZO video! PETO COAST, LUCIO SAINTS AND EDWARD FOX

Tim is having a walk in the woods when he finds out an abandonned warehouse he decides to explore. But the security agents see him and plan to corner him in order to teach him some manners. Cute blondie finds himself stark naked on his knees working on the hung watchmen's heavy rods. The guys will pin him to the ground, one on each side to pound his holes and make him forget about violating private property ! EDWARD FOX, LEO AND TIM

Ivan Rueda is a new bitch of Master Fox. He's a young slave, cute, nice body and pretty face. Master Fox does note care about these attributes of his slave. He just want to be sucked and he needs an ass to fuck. Ivan has a really great ass. Round and muscled. A piece of art ! Master Fox will fuck that ass in rough way, because that bitch like to be fucked hard by his master.

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Banged by a biker on an office break
There are 1 other videos with Edward Fox on this website There are 1 other videos with Edward Fox on this website
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