Thom Barron

Thom Barron

Charming smile, well-trained body, big cock - Thom Barron. Since his first CAZZO appearance in PRALLE LEDERHOSEN in 1997 he's been playing a starring role in many a fans' wet dreams. His charm, always giving his all and his versatility get them every time. Whether plunging into Berlin's nightlife in BERLIN TECHNO SEX, rolling around in the mud in AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES or if the man giving him a blowjob is being delivered on a forklift as in SEX PIGS, Thom is and remains one of the sexiest men alive. He loves just about everything that men can do with one another. You can get a good overview of his versatility in the first release of CAZZO STAR EDITION, a collection of 14 of his best scenes from nine films. Thom took part in his first porno shoot in 1995. He was 23 at the time and had already known for quite some time that when it comes to sex he enjoys being an exhibitionist. “When I was having sex in a darkroom I always loved to go to the best-lighted corner. It was a turn-on to be observed,” he says. Getting started in the business proved difficult. He didn't think he was muscular enough for American porn, and so he decided to write to Cadinot - the only European production company that he knew of. He never received an answer, despite writing his application in the best French he could remember from his school days. So he earned his “riding spurs” in some low-budget films from even more low-budget companies. He was never pleased with the results. “They were films with titles like 'Boys Boys Boys #16'…which says quite a lot about the quality of the productions,” he says with a grin. After shoots with TITAN and CAZZO, though, Thom's international career took off. And in FUCK FICTION, Thom's most recent work, he again shows what damage he can do with his ever-ready and rock-hard cock. But Thom has never let the success go to his head. He is, and remains a star you can relate to. Movies: Berlin Sex Life, Berlin Army Dreams, Sex Pigs, Thom Barron Calling, and Fuck Fiction
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An improbable encounter between a skinhead and a soldier. They are unlikely to get on with each other but when it comes to sex, there are no frontiers of barriers. These two are horny and in need of action. The solider gives his massive cock to the skinhead, thinking he's in control, but in now time he finds himself with an even bigger cock up his hole!

This scene is part of FUCK FICTION DVD, an excellent parody from Cazzo- Scene: Outdoor 1 on 1 between Fred Faurtin and a well-hung muscle hunk- Sloppy blowjobs and rough ass-pounding in the middle of the tall grass. FRED FAURTIN AND THOM BARRON

Two hot guys have no place to meet. One is top, the other is a hungry cock-sucker. Fortunately the top knows an old disused public toilet. Once there the two horny guys get down to business. One is standing, proud and full of cum, the other is on his knees, his mouth filled with his buddy's meaty cock. He's actively working on it when a third dude appears and watches the action. The intruder turns out to be a total bottom and his holes find plenty of meat to be filled with! Thom Barron Calling Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff and Franko PotenteTHOM BARRON, CHRISTOPH SCHARFF AND FRANKO POTENTE

A tattooed pierced passive dude on all four is getting fucked from behind by a big thick cock. Two balls full of cum slap his opened ass while a hot load of cum is being prepared for delivery...THOM BARRON AND EDUARDO CORTEZ

Skinhead Vs Soldier
1, 2, 3 in the toilets!
There are 16 other videos with Thom Barron on this website There are 16 other videos with Thom Barron on this website
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