Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger is the German gay porn star. He combines boyish charm and manly looks: steel blue eyes, trendy facial hair, a hairy chest and a massive cock! This total top likes nailing strong guys. He has a lot of fun giving it to them as raunchy as they need it. In his early youth Tim thought that his cock was too small. But at some point that misunderstanding must have gotten cleared up - at the very latest in 2007, after he applied for a “position” at several US gay porn studios and in no time at all was in front of the cameras in San Francisco. He had clearly made a big impression. Tim grew up in North-Rhein Westphalia. After vocational training in business administration, he went to Berlin in 2002 and got a job in a porn store. Right away Tim felt at home in the capital. His tendency to be shy and retiring quickly turned into the opposite, at least as far as sex was concerned. After launching his porn career in several US releases (Raging Stallion), he finally made his debut in a domestic production in 2006. However, his Cazzo debut was shot not in Berlin but in Barcelona in 2007. The title immediately reveals who the star is: TIM'S TOOL. Tim goes for older masculine guys, but sometimes he can warm up to a young kid. Onscreen, Tim is a total top. In his leisure time, next to nightlife and travel, his top priority is spending a lot of time with friends. Movies: "Tim's Tool", "DeskTops", "Pizza Cazzone", "Männerlager", and "Big Business“
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This guy has earned his money on Stock Exchange. He's rich, he's driving a big BMW car, he's always well dressed, he's arrogant and also he has a very big dick. You see the kind of guy he is ?! Well, in this video, the guy is going to fuck his driver and even a bar tender. So watch those big balls, hard dicks, relentless sex, mixed with drugs and alcool. It's not about the money. It's about the testosterone load. TIM KRUGER AND LUCIO SAINTS

Two beautiful male specimen. Different skin color and same common qualities: sexual, hotness and manliness. What we want to know is: Who is in command? Who is gonna be the other's bitch? One of the two is gonna shove his massive cock in the other's throat and ass! Let's watch and find out who. Carioca and Tim Kruger

Any passive dude who knows Tim Kruger is dreaming about his hot cock. The dominant top is very popular. Maybe it's because he is manly, handsome, well built....maybe it is just because he knows how to please a passive dude with his big dick. The red-hair stallion simply is a natural born fucker and the pizza delivery man sent to him is about to get the ride of his life! TIM KRUGER AND THIERRY LAMASSE

Tim manages to get Milan in his hot hands. On his terrace above the rooftops of the Old City, Milan immediately succumbs to Tim's Teutonic charms. He offers Tim his well-trained arse to use as he will and proves that a maricon can take a fair heap of punishment. The two are so eager and into each other they don't even notice how late it's getting. When they finally blow their loads the moon is smiling down upon them TIM KRUGER AND MILAN GAMIANI

Tim Kruger, a top porn star from Berlin, has just met in the subway Nicolas Torri, a french porn star, usually bottom. Nicolas will follow Tim to his workplace. After the business meeting with his colleagues, Tim will fuck the french guy on the desk of his office. Nicolas will give his ass so nicely to Tim, that one could think about it like he was "touched for the very first time". There was so much love and desire in his eyes. Nicolas will look strait that hard and very big dick of Tim's, his very big balls full of cum and will take that dick deep deep into his ass. He will be roughly fucked on the desk. TIM KRUGER AND NICOLAS TORRI

Two butch muscular dudes get together for a hardcore session. Intense rimming, deepthroat-action and an ass-opening gut-filling ass banging feast between two sex-addicts! TIM KRUGER AND DARREN ROBINS

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