Berlin Sport 1
Berlin Sport 1

Berlin Sport 1

Gay video. Time: 14 min

Pietro, Flo and Sylvain are all southerners. More competitive than other Germans perhaps. Flo is the first losing at cards. He leaves and Pietro and Sylvain play alone. It doesn't take long and Flo comes back to them. But instead of white T-Shirt and a short sports pants he now only has a black Jock and makes the two buddies so hard that they immediately feel they must have perfectly formed bubble butt. Flo kneels in front of the two macho pigs. Greedy Flo stuffs both cocks alternately in his mouth. Tongue across the head of the penis, lips over the shaft, breath and the cock through mouth go down up to the balls. Slobber runs out of the corners of the mouth and drips on his beard. That however does not seem to interfere with the pig. With the hottest sound ever, the men make a break to fuck his face. Especially Pietro turns out as pretty sadistic, as he him the spanking so deep in the mouth, that he almost want to puke. Then he flips over him to the front, so that Flo's plump butt is in front of his face and the nasty smell in the nose increases. His tongue licking the pink lips drill their way into the fleshy ass hole down to the intestine. Pietro fills the ass with spit and then leaves the field to his buddy Sylvain. He tears apart with both hands, while his own ass is softly licked by Pietro. Pietro wants more than just an ass spanking and so he bareback fucks Sylvian who is licking the mind from the body of Flo. A trace harder to make the whole thing, Sylvain -s on Flo's hole and then Pietro fucks the hairy ass. And Pietro squirts his load in the face of his buddies, which each other kiss, while the white spit is swapped from one mouth to the other. Flo wants to be treated like and gets agressively face fucked and used by the his two gay macho friends.

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