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The two horny pigs Fred and Clark catch the mega hot Riccardo doing a provocative solo dance. Immediately they set him to work blowing Clark and Fred's monster pistons. His mouth is working as hard as he can on the two stiff batons. Clark gets to work on Riccardo's hole while Riccardo keeps deepthroating Fred's cock. Riccardo is impaled by Clark, his mouth still gagging on Fred's dick. He jerks his own cock while Fred takes a turn at his ass til eventually a fountain of cum explodes from each cock. RICCARDO SAFFADO, CLARK HOUSTON AND FRED FAURTIN

The Cazzo "powerhouse" has brought together two hot pornstars for a hardcore video. Mark Vadezi and Ruben Fox don't mess around when it comes to playing and fucking! Sloppy blowjobs, ass-stretching action with XXL toys and a nice surprise with the visit of a third hung macho man for more rough fun! Check this out! MICHEL DELAUNAY, RUBEN FUX AND MARK

A beautiful mixed race guy fights against a European muscular dude, tattooed and very handsome. They are naked under their protection and quickly, we just want to see both of them in action. When the dick of the black, topped by its magnificent abs, penetrates the lips of his sex buddy, we are literally glued to the screen. CARIOCA AND AXEL RYDER

Two skinheads walk into a place they shouldn't have. A gang of vicious pervert sex-addicts grab them and strip them naked. From this day on, they will never be the same. They get abused and fisted for a whole day, their holes become wide open, their insides visible to all, they take fist after fist after fist...

There's a farm somewhere in Germany where clothing seems to be optional. When you see the looks of the farmers, it makes complete sense! Why cover those beautiful bodies! Naked youth in the outdoors while sweating under the sun, your eyes are not gonna believe what they see!

Two beautiful male specimen. Different skin color and same common qualities: sexual, hotness and manliness. What we want to know is: Who is in command? Who is gonna be the other's bitch? One of the two is gonna shove his massive cock in the other's throat and ass! Let's watch and find out who. Carioca and Tim Kruger

Ex professional football player Staney Falcone is today a professional porn actor. He's now even in better physical form and enjoy his life better than ever before. This is the proof that making love is good for your health and puts you in the good moods. His partener Anthony from Frankfurt is proud of his bubble butt. He likes being screwed by rough guys. Gorgeous Belgian football player Stany rims Anthony's butt hole until it's begging for more. Stany fucks like a brute and Anthony can't get enough. STANY FALCONE AND ANTHONY REEVES

Two hot guys have no place to meet. One is top, the other is a hungry cock-sucker. Fortunately the top knows an old disused public toilet. Once there the two horny guys get down to business. One is standing, proud and full of cum, the other is on his knees, his mouth filled with his buddy's meaty cock. He's actively working on it when a third dude appears and watches the action. The intruder turns out to be a total bottom and his holes find plenty of meat to be filled with! Thom Barron Calling Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff and Franko PotenteTHOM BARRON, CHRISTOPH SCHARFF AND FRANKO POTENTE

The Cazzo Film production house offers us a pure macho-male session: A muscle hunk is dominated by two rough young skinheads. He is giving it all to the tops. He fucks himself squatting onto the thick cock of one of the boys...He takes it all and he loves it. This vid is not to be missed! BEN TAYLOR AND SKAR

Here is a master who knows how to keep his slaves well-trained! Two of them are ready to serve him. On their knees, in front of his big hard-on, they know that they must do their best to deserve his cock and have the privilege of receiving his hot cum.

It's late at night and Fred is really horny. He goes online and after 30 minutes he finds Marc29 who wants to meet him somewhere outside... Fred greets him...on his knees, by taking his cock in his mouth...