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Masked rubber pig Bruno has to jerk himself off until his master finds some use for him. Luca takes off Bruno’s mask, spits on his sweet face and gives him a bitch slap. The muscular stud fucks Bruno hard in the mouth, then lets him eat out his hole. With his head down to the floor and his ass lifted up in the air, Bruno takes a hot fuck, first with Luca’s thick manmeat, then with an even thicker dildo – and Bruno can't get enough. BRUNO CANE AND LUCA DI NEPPE


Hans Berlin is meeting up with a passive dude in an abandoned warehouse. It's his favourite place and he mate numerous cock-suckers there. There's even an old condom lying on the ground from one of his last fucks! Hans can be sensual and considerate sometimes but it never lasts long. He loves taking control, giving orders and fucking a dude senseless and today is no different! ANTONIO CORRALEJO AND HANS BERLIN

Totally devoted

A masculine sub with a fetish for rubber, piss, fisting, SM and more has a thing for dominant and rough masters. The hot experienced stud he is meeting today has all he is looking for: strong built, big hands, a strong grip, a taste for perversion and most of all, he doesn't take no for an answer! 30 minutes for the pure fans of kinky sex! FRANK AND HARLEY EVERETT


A superb Black athletic stud wakes up in a dungeon ran by a horde of pervert masters. He is tied up, his arms and legs spread, exposed and totally helpless. He is just a new sexual toy there to amuse a bunch of vicious tops. His initiation to sexual slavery is about to start...Check this out! For gay hardcore porn fans.

Poor sexy hunk

He's cute and sexy but he's been bad. He betrayed his gang and now has to suffer the consequences. Used and used by his mates. He gets slapped, pissed on, his balls are punished and his ass takes a rough fuck! Lesson learned? T-BOW AND NICK SAUVAGE


A young dude send an SMS to his buddies, Yanis and Franck saying: I'm waiting for you on all four, come and take me now!" They jump in the car and head off to the meeting point which they know very well. Once there they realise that the dude isn't joking. He is ready to get fucked! SEBASTIAN, ERIC LENN, MIKE POWER AND CHRISTOPH SCHARFF


Two wiry blond Huns go all out: Florian takes Chris' rock-hard monster cock so deep in his throat that he literally -s on it. But his little butt is also open for business. Florian lets himself go and pisses all over himself as Chris fucks him hard. With Chris? fist in his ass, Florian sends his semen flying. And Chris spits in his face. Only Berlin pigs go in for such juicy fucking!

Used and spunked in the toilets

A dude is surrounded by two vicious rascals in the toilets of a gay bar. They push him down on his knees, face-fuck him then take turns at riding his ass-hole...The dude's dick is hard, he loves to be used! BEN, TIM VINCENT AND DAMION


Jordan Fox hasn't become a porn star by chance! He is beautiful, handsome but strict, deliciously kinky but most of all he is a pure specimen of dominant stud! When he learned the news, Dimax couldn't believe his luck! He was about to become Jordan's own sex-slave. He was going to turn into Jordan's toy! What happened when they met is a lot more than he expected. He got pushed to his limits: faced-fucked, punched in the stomach, in the balls, slapped, deep-fucked, stretched by a few dildos, fisted and finally pissed on...What more could he wish for?!!


Orgy of 13 dudes in a research lab. Scene: Three blindfolded passives surrounded by 10 naked males with raging hard-ons. Chain blowjob and gang-bang action in front of wanking voyeurs, massive multiple cum-shot final.

Fuck date
Fuck date

A quick message on an app and a couple of pics. That's all it took for the two sexy young studs to meet and fuck. One is blond, cute face, great ass and nice cock, the other is handsome, athletic and hung. Check this out! BEN TAYLOR AND MO For waybig gay sex fans.


Yves is fucking a little mixed-race dude's ass. Jean is not far and hears the little passive moaning while under the assault of Yves's hard dick. He comes closer and starts watching. The whole scene is driving him crazy, he looks at the sub's gasping hole and is dying to shove his on cock in it! Watch him finish the passive dude off. It's horny and rough! CHRISTOPH SCHARFF, JUSTIN AND JASON