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A barrack full of hot guys. The horny major finds a fat dildo in the locker of Jens Hammer, a new recruit. As punishment, he lets him scrub the floor naked. A find for his watcher, who culls his thong at the sight. Jens starts with the fat cock and his blasmaul makes the watcher forget to scrub the floor. Instead, he subjects Jens's ass to an intensive examination. His rock-hard piston inspects the recruits' butt with hard impacts. He nailed Jens hot butt more and more. He screams his lust when his sperm finally squirts out of the piston. His superior can then spit his cum in his face. Pattern of the harder gait. JENS HAMMER


A young biker wearing a full tight leather outfit brings a rascal to a warehouse to get serviced: deep blowjob, pierced nipples and cock, ass-eating before a deep fuck in biker outfit. ANDREAS STICH AND RICK SPEER


A really rough treatment for this poor young dude used by a group of mature rascals. He has to service them, worship their boots and let them play with his tight hole...


Gang of pervert rascals. Scene: Five rascals use a sixth one in a car park and tie him up on top of a car, hole-stretching with tow-bar, gang-fisted and group golden shower. For gay invited gay sex and gay hardcore porn fans.

The shop's sex-slave
The shop's sex-slave

The pig in the training Dane Down Under finds one hell of a master in Macanao Torres. The Spanish macho is in Boxer Berlin in search of new Fetish gear as Dane's feet run by him. Young, short hair, red sneakers and tight red rubber shorts in which his ass looks perfect. Macanao can withstand the sight for not one second and moves to push his tongue in Dane's mouth. Now his fat cock wants to be satisfied. Willingly Dane gets on his knees and inhales Macanao's Nike until the lust overwhelms him. Like a mangy dog he throws himself to the ground, he licks the white of sportsocks and the rudee holds out his white hairless ass. Macanao rubs him the sneakers between Dane's jaws and his pink hole with the rough leather. Macanao spits in Dane's mouth. The Spanish fuck star then pushes him his slimy cock down his throat until the kid gets tears in his eyes. He hammers him so deep into the mouth that his face is almost bursting with cock. Macanao finally makes it to the ass and gets sweaty from fucking. Just when you thought it couldn't get better a customer is the third pig in the round! The small pig is in a lust frenzy of ecstasy. From the front and rear, the greedy men are stuffing him until he nothing more can be filled. Dane's innocence is now different. MACANAO TORRES & DANE DOWN UNDER

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