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We're back in a gym where all the members are obsessed by the same thing: growing muscle and look bigger! They look big enough to me. Their bulging muscles are popping out everywhere. They have another hobby beside pumping iron: they like a good hazing of the newest members! Check it out!


In this local gym you can spot the new guys amongst the regulars: they always get a session of initiation for their first work out. First exercise: Cock-lifting... more like cock fitting! He takes it down his throat and up his back passage.... What a work out! Check out those hot bodies in action!


Paul and Jean are two muscular dudes with a body to die for. They're both hung and they have been fucking each other for years. They like to surprise each other when it comes to sex. One night after a few sodas, Paul saw his slightly tanked partner deeply restp and took him outside. Once in a quiet place he woke him up to fuck his brains out. Check this out! WILLI WONDER AND STEVE BONSAI


Cazzo revisits classic movie with Fred Faurtin in FUCK FICTION- Scene: Rough and butch session in a motel where the Frenchy uses his fuck-weapon like a pro... Bang Bang! FRED FAURTIN AND TIBOR WEBER


An amateur football team in the shower after practice, by Cazzo. Three butch and hairy males in the shower, ass-eating, nipple-play, rough fuck on tiled floor, roaring males and cum shower final. BERND, JOE KAY AND ZODIAK MINDWARP


Pure Cazzo session: 3 butch males, spanking of submissive rascal by two huge guys- Intense blowjob and cock-pulling action, 2 on 1 ass-banging, testosterone-filled video. HENNING PINK, PETER AND LEON