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In a sport club showers, three gay football players receive a gay blowjob from a submissive team member. For gay orgy fans JOEL MORAND LEONARDO DI MANERO


These two tourists met as they were visiting Berlin and in summer this city is really hot ! After getting completely naked in front of the cathedral and turning themselves on, they quickly head for a quieter place to treat themselves. Drooling kisses, blowing and wanking of their heavy cocks and deep rimming for each of them, no jealous, they both get the guided tour !! RYAN B AND SALVO ESPOSITO


Felix Castrop and Nils Jacobson demonstrate in this video the art of fucking. Straight forward fun session. No fetish, no kink, just pure cock-sucking and ass-banging action. The passive is greedy and the top is well hung. Now watch...This is how it's done! NILS JACOBSEN AND FELIX CASTORP


Cazzo as we love it, with butch males with no complex. Gorgeous David Novak is treating himself with his huge dildo when comes Brodie and he's got more to offer than a toy. After getting rid of the previously tanked sodas all over the sexy hairy guy, Brodie shoves his heavy cock deep in David's throat. Some rimming to prepare the hole and they start the hands games and David never gets enough. Brodie will open his hungry hole with two hands and punch him restlessly !


A thirty year old dude can't get enough sex. Today he's invented a problem with his kitchen as an excuse to call a plumber. The worker quickly realises the true nature of the problem: his client's pipe seems to be blocked. Lucky for him, he's got a massive tool he can use to unblock any holes... All of them!


Locked-up in a cage, two sex-gladiators are kept ready for their next challenge. One is white, hung and very fit. The other is black, bigger built and hung too. Their owners want to see them fuck. They will then decide who is the best top. The winner will keep his top status while the loser will get fucked over and over for months to come. It's gonna be a close call!


Josh Barnett is captive in a builder's cubicle which is on top of a truck and driven to a secret location. The driver is Dominik Belko, a rough and hung top. Once on location, he frees the captive and uses a magic wound to make him his sexual slave. From now on, Josh is under the Dominik's spell and totally submissive. The top makes him suck his huge cock, gets his ass licked before he decides to fuck him hard...really hard.


Today we have from our casting series Andro and Marco, one a typical slender German, the other a muscular black man with fat cock. As they make-out, it becomes clear that the two are totally hot for each other. Marco can't wait to feel that big cock in his mouth. He makes it disappear deep into his throat. Andro buries his tongue deep into the shaved ass of the sexy German. Then Marco holds tightly to the scaffold the muscular bald headed hottie Andro fucks him hard with his big cock. This makes Marco just insane. His pleasurable moaning is getting louder and wilder. Andro fucks him thoroughly as there is no tomorrow. Marco gets the cum shot right in the face. But Andro has a special surprise for him. Sliding a fat dildo in his steamy cunt as he jerks himself off!


Two punk workers walk into a dirty lift, with the floor covered in mud. A security guard is monitoring via the camera system and decides to block the lift between two floors to see what happens... He's not disappointed! The two dudes start playing with each other in the mud. The top spanks his colleague, feeds him his cock, some piss and even his fist! If you like it rough, you're gonna love this video! Not to be missed!


An alpha male - strong, dominant, sexual predator, is fucking his bottom buddy. Both guys are very masculines, well muscled and have big dicks. The top guy is a kind of pervert sadist. He's "taking care" of his bottom buddy, and fucking hard his asshole. The bottom guy, very cute in deed, is taking that dick of the dominant male and shut his mouth. He do not want to mess with his Master, as the Master may eventually punish him and fuck hip. This time he's lucky. The master needs just to fuck that hole.


He's just finished a photo-shoot for a well-known magazine which we're not allowed to name. A journalist asks him a few routine questions to get some written stuff together with the photos. Irresistibly the two feel attracted to each other. They get naked, their big cocks come to life and quickly the hot boy is on his knees worshipping the journalist's dick...DOMINIK AND CHRISTIAN HERZOG