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Two butch males from Cazzo- Scene: Special test in laboratory with electrodes. Sucked and fucked while electronically monitored for forbidden medical experiment.

Two rudees up the real-estate agent's ass
Two rudees up the real-estate agent's ass

A young blond German real-estate agent is visiting an apartment undergoing works. Seeing the poor state of the flat he can't stop complaining to the builder who's showing him around. Sick of hearing him moaning, the butch builder decides to teach the boy some manners with the help of his co-worker. The two builders are built like a brick house and the boy has no choice but to submit if he doesn't want any trouble. They grab him and kiss him, they him down and feed him their big fat cocks. The boy is clearly enjoying the use and before he knows it, he is bent over and spit-roasted like a little slut. Getting cock from both ends, his ass gets spanked and savagely fucked! HARLEY EVERETT, SERGI SERRANO AND AARON MARK For gay rough fuck fans.

Business meeting in the warehouse
Business meeting in the warehouse

Two businessmen in suit visit the warehouse they want to buy when they fall upon two super sexy workers having an early break of the horny kind. The guys can feel their cock get hard just watching the muscled stockmen and they're invited to join they rush for fun. Suits and overalls are dropped, cocks get rock-hard and mouth start swallowing. No jealous, everyone sucks and gets sucked but it's mainly the young worker who takes it rough as he gets all three studs up his hungry hole until his face and hairy chest are covered with spunk. Class struggle is fairly fun with Cazzo !!!! AXEL RYDER, YENIER, FRANK PHILIPP AND ROBERTO SANGREGO

Self-service fuck at Brunos
Self-service fuck at Brunos

Two rascals go pay a visit to Brunos, a Berlin gay sex-shop. They're looking for a porn DVD and a kinky outfit but they're gonna find much better than that. In the shop, there is cock-sucker eager to please Brunos' clients. A great opportunity to use his holes and shoot their loads!


Here is a masculine passive dude who's in luck! It's not everyday that he gets the chance to get fucked by a macho-top with a thick long cock. Especially one that can go for ever! His hip-thrust is second to none, his hard dick reaches places no one has gone before! TONY VELLA, FELIX GROTH, CHRISTOPH BLANC AND MATS RIEM


Three Scallies behind a warehouse. Scene: Exhibitionism, hard dicks sticking out of tracksuits. Mutual fuck and wank final for cum shot on the grass and sneakers. RALPH STEEL, RAPHAEL KORTI, PETER AND FREDERIC

Three some in a country house

Three young, handsome gay men meet in a country house for a threesome. They start by watching porn on TV . Once horny, they pull their big cocks out and start sucking and fucking each other all over the place.

Love in the bathtub

Two gorgeous gay boys are fondling and kissing in a bathtub. The prettiest of them gets up, jerks off his big cock and drops his gay cum in front of his dazzled buddy.

Beaten and fucked by three team members
Beaten and fucked by three team members

This guy has announced his homosexuality to his fellow from football team. He did it in a hope of being understood and accepted. But his fellow from the team do not want a faggot in the team and decided to beat him and fuck his ass. As many strait guys, they do not understand that this fellow needs right that - to be used by real macho, strait man who's gonna fuck him hard and beat him. For invited gay sex fans TOMMY, ROCCO BANKS, JORDAN FOX AND MAX


Darkroom session from CAZZO- Scene: A leather male on a stage gets impaled on a kingsize dildo- A hot younger dude sucks 5 cocks and ends up covered in cum...

Overexcited on the porn set

Doing a gay porn movie shoot in a country house is sure to get out of hand. How could it be otherwise when a bunch of queer kids get locked up and spend their day watching each other fuck each other? Whether the camera is rolling or not, the action never stops! Two young twinks, carried away by the hot atmosphere, the go wild on in the entrance stairs.

You guys fuck, I'm just gonna watch

A young voyeur notices a couple of guys snogging in his building lavatory. He can't believe his eyes when the dude start sucking each other. He takes out his cock and starts wanking but when the pair start fucking on top of the washing machine, it's too much for him, he stops hiding. He get's closer and pull his cock while enjoying the scene.