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Versaut 2 - FULL FEATURE

Gay Big-dicked skin-heads shove into greedy pig bottoms as deep as it goest in this gay BDSM Cazzofilm classic. Deep throating , serious fucking, dildo shoving and gay anal fisting, every action take place in a abandonned brick factory.


He is hot, horny and he wants cock! A blond little passive dude has been tied up for hours, waiting patiently for his master to cum around. He's looking forward to serving him, with his tongue, his mouth and his ass. The boy wants meat and he's gonna get loads! FRED FAURTIN AND CLARK HOUSTON


This scene is part of FUCK FICTION DVD, an excellent parody from Cazzo- Scene: Outdoor 1 on 1 between Fred Faurtin and a well-hung muscle hunk- Sloppy blowjobs and rough ass-pounding in the middle of the tall grass. FRED FAURTIN AND THOM BARRON

Five muscle-studs in hot action.
Five muscle-studs in hot action.

We have five drop-dead gorgeous studs for you right now! They are the type of guy you check out two or three times if you see them in the street. Their T-shirts can hardly contain their massive pecs and you can even see their six-pack under the tensed fabric! They're here for fun...So get ready to check out five sexy studs and their massive hard-ons in action! MAX SCHNEIDER, BEN TAYLOR, CHRISTOPH CHEMIN

Stuffed by his boss

This young man of good family has always respected the authority. And you have to tell the truth, he likes older guys. When he started working in this new company he immediately flashed on the boss. A married man, respectable and just. Since that day, the boy dreams to submit to the authority of his boss, to be at his mercy, to be fucked with dildo by him. In two words, to be his little whore.


Welcome to the inter-city German train where everything and anything goes. A hot guy is checking out the young black dude sitter in front of him. His massive hard-on is clearly visible in his tracksuits and the black guy has noticed the big bulging cock. No time to waste, he wants a taste of that cock before the next stop! In another car a rascal's got his eyes on the passenger next to him...A few looks and soon after the two guys are wanking and sucking each other off! One hot commuting day on the CUM line!!! JENS HAMMER AND JUNIOR

Master Florian, stronger than anything

Hans Berlin likes to server as a sex slave from time to time. Especially when it's for a sex session with a master, a real one. In these cases, when we know we will be totally taken in hand, it's the heat. Hans followed the indications of the boss and waiting for him at home, on his knees, blindfolded, the door of his apartment wide open. A slave needs to do his service, to suck as if his life depended on it and to make available her pussy. Master Florian will exploit it for his pleasure and remind him what powerful sexual and cerebral sexual hold he has on him.

Misha Dante in delicious threesome
Misha Dante in delicious threesome

He is one of the hottest guys to shoot for Cazzo. This red hair sexy man is called Misha Dante and he is a professional dancer. The hung masculine male doesn't have an ounce of fat. Perfectly built with a great cock and a fine ass, he loves sex. Today he's having a threesome with Sam Barclay and JP Dubois and the trio are ready to fuck each other!

Two germans in raw action
Two germans in raw action

Jesse is a sexy German who knows a cruising spot where he can enjoy as much ass and cock as he likes. He knows there will always be a dude looking to get Jesse's big dick up his hole. What he likes the most is to shoot his big load on the guy's face after he fucked him deeply!


Two fans of latex are meeting up in a car workshop on a Sunday for a hardcore session. The passive is addicted to big calibers and the top is a muscular Black hunk with a 10 inch dick. After taking the studs' massive cock up his hole, he finds himself with a whole fist deep into his gut! TYSON TYLER AND LEEROY LELLEK