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Jonathan and Nico

Even if the two mature and masculine males of this video are meeting each other for a hard session they show us a sensual their side. But it only for the first 20 seconds! Then it's a full on rough fuck where the passive dude gets banged in every positions. He seems to enjoy the use!

Little punk gang-banged by boxers

These dudes mean business: a gang of boxers who spend their days training hard, getting rid of their anger by distributing punches. But sometimes it's not enough to satisfy their needs so every Sunday their organize a gang-bang. Today they got in touch with a young submissive gay punk. He's dragged to the boxing club where he is invited to strip to his underwear. He is pushed in the middle of the training room surrounded by a gang of vicious fighter. The poor dude is brought down on his back, his legs maintained spread and in the air so that his tight little hole can take the use the boss of the gang. He gets smacked, spat on, face-fucked and his little ass gets drilled until he shoots his sticky load...Perversion at its best!

Knall Hart

In a warehouse, a muscular young rascal treats himself to a moment of pure narcissism, caressing his torso and crotch in front of a mirror. Vulgar and sexy, the male stinks of cock from miles away. In a corner, a handsome blond man in his thirties is checking him out and, too excited, decides to join him. Did he like what he saw? Let him show it and suck it! All the way! The rascal is proud of his big cock and is going to go and hit him in the throat before going to play to plow the ball hole of the bearded blond, virile and extremely passive. How he fucking loves being fucked by a good, virile stud. He can fuck him up, don't worry about it. And if he wants to jump, the passive waits for it, lying down. One of them's going to get a little bit of juice...

Latino danger to service a big German dick

The sexy Pedro Diaz is having fun showing off while dancing with a massive boner. In a corner Hans Berlin is observing him and getting really turned on. Once he makes his move, it's time for Pedro to stop dancing. It is time to work on Hans big fat cock and to take a hard ass-pounding!

Young tourist's ass for German hunk

Sweet bearded Tim has been hanging around the bar, because the cute, charming bartender has been smiling at him the whole evening. And after the last guests have departed, muscular Bruno actually starts making out with Tim. Score with a cool Berlin bartender? Tim can hardly believe his luck. He avidly lets Bruno´s huge tool glide deep down his throat. Bruno gets Tim up on the bar and happily licks out his pliable hole. Then it’s time for Tim to get thoroughly screwed, until a fountain of cum pours out onto Tim’s chest. BRUNO LOPEZ AND TIM COTTA


A dildo was found in the barracks. A welcome occasion for Leroy Lellek and Thom Barron, the two nasty elite soldiers, to try this out with a new recruit. In the army workshop, they clamp the fat dildo in a vice and strength their victim to ride it under gunpoint. Soon, that's not enough for them. Her two starved cocks have longed for a mouth cunt. That his asshole will soon serve is clear and the two enjoy the tight ass of the newcomer who the real slats of flesh and soul are much better off. Both nail him so hammergeil that he soon shoots a fat load. And Thom and Leroy also crown the fuck with a lot of sperm.LEROY LELLEK AND THOM BARRON

The taste of cum in prison

A rascal and a black dude in the same prison cell...Will this be trouble? Not if the black dude likes to get fucked raw by a hung dominant rascal! TIM VINCENT AND DANIEL


Somewhere in Texas a police officer spots to armed dudes. They look like they're up to no good and he must check it out! The poor cop is knocked out and finds himself tied-up...and used by Doug and Michael...THOM BARRON, TIM VINZENT, VICTOR AND JOYBRINGER

RED HAIR, SEXY LIPS presents - Franck is an American dude. He's cocky, sexy and loves to use his thick lips on a fat cock. Deepthroating is his favorite activity. On holiday in the UK he has just met a British rascal with a hard cock and an inviting ass. Cum in and see what happens!

Plenty of meat at the sex-club
Plenty of meat at the sex-club

Thirty-ish, sexy and hung: The hot top goes hunting for fresh meat in a Berlin sex-club. Once inside, he can pretty much chose anyone he wants. All the bottoms and cock-suckers are desperate to get their hands on big gay cock! Watch him in action! WOLF WAGNER AND MIGUEL MARQUEZ

Use me and use me

It's been a longtime that this passive guy was waiting for this appointment with a domi alpha. The guy had asked him to be well prepared: he wanted it firmly, well prepaired to service his cock. The guy waits in an empty warehouse in jockstrap and when he sees the boss arrived he's already wet. Superior look, testosterone in the bottom balloons, muscles: the top guy is a real stallion. And when he takes out his big dick, the submissive knows what he has to do. He is exploited, formatted and enslaved. He deserved to eat cumjuice only! BRUNO LOPEZ AND ANDY DAVIDSON

Feet and Pizza for dinner!

Enzo Rimenez and his friend called in Peto Coast for a threesome. The dominant porn star invited him over for a pizza but what he has in mind doesn't involve sitting around and eating...If you have a foot fetish you're gonna love this kinky scene! PETO COAST, ENZO AND ANGEL