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A passive, a versatile and a top. They meet up to do what they like best: fucking. Their bodies are superb and their stamina is sky high! Their cocks never go soft. The passive dude gets his holes filled with plenty of meat and he loves it! FRED FAURTIN, IVO COSTA AND CARIOCA

Leo & Andre - Criminal face and sexual offense

This guy is a kind of nasty versatile rudeus. Watch his face, man ! He looks like a sexual offender ready for jail. You do not want to show in public with this guy. Luckily for you, his Cuban buddy has no privacy issues. So two guys will show you here, how two real men fuck. Big dicks, big muscles, nice buts, big balls. Yes, all ingredients are there !

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A beautiful young man meet two guys in some old industrial building on the edge of the city. Those two men get out their big hard dicks, which the youngster will suck like a man. He will offer later his gorgeous ass to both guys. Great scene with beautiful men in real men fuck.


A group of prisoners pick on a sub. Scene: Gang of prisoners spit on a sub, face covered with gob, golden shower. 1 on 1 fuck where the sub's ass gets trashed by one of the convicts. DAVID PARIK AND TOM MANE

Get better or get fucked !
Get better or get fucked !

Marco De Rudee is Ben Statham's boss. He's been trying to put under-performing Ben back on track but so far has failed. Today he wants to teach him a lesson. He brings him to the warehouse where Brent Bow, a security agent, is waiting. There Ben is about to learn how to obey and do what he's told. The two hunks turn him into their whore. No hole is spared! MARCO DE RUDEE, BEN AND BRENT BOW


Four convicts in a cell. Scene: A passive-submissive dude is showing off and teasing his cellmates. At the end he gets what he deserves: plenty of cock up his ass! FRED FAURTIN, GIL NEMO AND MARCO ISAC

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A cute young top always wanted to work for Cazzo. He loves fucking boys...But at Cazzo he gonna be the bitch taking cock up his holes!

Reborn as sex slave

He used to be a good boy. Cute, quiet, a bit shy, going out with other boys like him. That was before he felt in love with a dominant top who took control of his body and mind. He is now 100% dedicated to serving his lover. His mouth, cock, balls and ass are his property. He spends most of his free time getting fucked in a sling for hours. Sometime he takes his piss and his cum. He's become a real sex-pig!

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Latin stud Paulus Güel is simply perfect: dark eyes, sensuous lips, great physique, and passionate. The man has star quality! And he even has great chemistry with his scene partner, the rugged Manuel Rocco. It's obvious just from their hot wet smooching that these two really enjoy each other. PETER AND JORDON BANKS

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Two hot guys have no place to meet. One is top, the other is a hungry cock-sucker. Fortunately the top knows an old disused public toilet. Once there the two horny guys get down to business. One is standing, proud and full of cum, the other is on his knees, his mouth filled with his buddy's meaty cock. He's actively working on it when a third dude appears and watches the action. The intruder turns out to be a total bottom and his holes find plenty of meat to be filled with! Thom Barron Calling Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff and Franko PotenteTHOM BARRON, CHRISTOPH SCHARFF AND FRANKO POTENTE

Outdoor for gay sex with Christoph Scharff and Marko Isak

It's late at night and Fred is really horny. He goes online and after 30 minutes he finds Marc29 who wants to meet him somewhere outside... Fred greets him...on his knees, by taking his cock in his mouth... Outdoor for gay sex with Christoph Scharff and Marko Isak

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In prison you are fucked not only by agressive inmate prisonners, but also by unscroupoulos uniformed men and prison guards ! They use their authority and power to fuck fragile men, but also real man's and unsubordonate prisonners, only to demonstrate with their big dicks who's in charge here ! This prisonner will have to submit to the authority and will get fucked in ass by this dominant and vicious guard. Prison gay sex, deep-throat, agressive ass fucking, filmed by Cazzo Film with DIESEL T and CHRIS HOLLAND. Hardcore gay sex from Germany