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Six rascals, macho, masculine and vicious share the same goal: to use the submissive little cock-sucker who decided to take them on all by himself! They piss on him, stuff his throat with their raging hard-ons and they fuck his hole without any preparation. It's a rough session for the poor (or lucky) dude who ends up covered in cum! LANCE DE MOORE, LUCAS KNOWLES, FRANK PHILLIP, LEO YANKO

Fisting party!
Fisting party!

A young dude from Berlin is brought to a secret place for a latex session with two dominant tops. Straight away the sub get pissed on by the two Masters, he knows he is just there to help them shoot their load. His face gets fucked by the two vicious studs and soon enough his ass is assaulted by two great cocks. His hole is now well open and the sub's ass is ready for some fisting action. He gets punch-fucked and the two Masters are hugely turned on...They too want a fist up their hole! ALE TEDESCO, RACE COOPER AND SYLVAIN LYK

Fucked by the hottest couple
Fucked by the hottest couple

A threesome with a couple can be really hot but a threesome withFred Faurtin and his stunning boyfriend is something out of this world! Just take a look at the dude getting spit roasted by the pair... He's loving it! Gay porn stars Fred Faurtin, Demetrius and Syb Martin in Cazzo film gay porn. Sexy muscled guy is fucked by two big dick. Taken from de DVD Matchmaker by Cazzo.

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An innocent gay boy from Berlin has decided to push his own limits tonight and to get gangbanged by a group of muscled men. He's been a shine and innocent boy all of his short life and has never been involved in hardcore gay sex or gangbanged like a bitch. He meets a hot muscle man online who invites him over to his private dungeon in order to initiate the young boy to BDSM and rough gay sex. He promised him the time of his life. Now the young boy is blindfoled, his legs are spread in a sling, opened and offered to big dicks. Young boy's ass is fucked rough by a muscle alpha man and all of his pervert gay friends, who gangbang the boy all night long. The boy's gonna be sore tomorrow!

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Three young porn actor wannabes take part in a photo-shoot for Cazzo. Nothing else is expected from them but when the trio ends up naked it becomes hard for the boys to resist their natural instinct! We can't blame them for this! They're young, cute, nicely built and full of energy! So let's check out how much cum comes out of those young cocks and balls! MARCEL SCHLUTT, TIM VINCENT AND DARIAN HAWK

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We have a very special trio for you now. One rough top with macho looks, a muscular versatile hunk and a greedy passive/submissive dude who loves cock! This threesome is hot, no taboo, pure hardcore action for the lovers of intense fuck sessions.KEANUS SEBASTIAN AND ANDREAS STICH

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Jean-Pierre works as a cleaner in a warehouse. He thinks he is alone and decides to have a wank and get rid of a hot load. He gets caught by his manager. He should submit to his superior and suck his cock but he's not that kind of guy. He's dominant and controlling. He slowly push his fist up his poor boss's ass! MATTHIEU PARIS AND LEWIS QUINTINI

Your ass or your job!
Your ass or your job!

A young immigrant thought he was finally out of trouble. He found a cozy job in an office, not too much to do. He allowed himself a break to smoke a cigarette. His boss caught him and called him into his office. He could lose his job but he will do anything to keep it, even if it means getting fucked by his boss!He first has to give him a gay blow job and then accepts to gets fucked by his big gay dick and by a dildo.

Cazzo Travel - Master and his slave
Cazzo Travel - Master and his slave

He came to do a nude photo shoot in an abandoned building. The photographer is an overbearing daddy who immediately realizes that deep down inside this manly guy is a loon. He gives him orders for him to take the pose and understands that he can get absolutely everything he wants out of it. Why deprive himself? He puts him to his boots and makes him lick it: obviously the model loves it and his initiation can continue. He literally bludgeons her ass, makes her pump it hard and ends up kissing her in the open air like the last of the bitches. This male ass is going to learn how to serve well now to empty the balls of the superior machos.