Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black Part 2
Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black Part 2

Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black Part 2

Gay video. Time: 19 min

Leatherbigwolf is a sexy hunk of a man. Tall, hairy, striking and always looking for sacrifices for his games. Axl is the perfect bottom. Submissive and ready for anything. He shoves his master's fat cock so deep into his mouth that he almost has to puke. Leatherbigwolf won't let him escape. He rips at his head and pushes him on the fat slimy monster until he gets no more air and beads of thick spit strings on his nuts. His master now stands up and rams his cock even deeper into his face. So deep that the spit squirts from his mouth. The wolf smokes his cigar in peace and makes his slave verbally ready. To go to the next stage. Axl is now in a sling. His hairless ass stretches towards his master and he works with his fingers, dildo and finally also with his fist, which slides into the Pitschnassen ass channel. When the cunt is open enough, the cock is pushed immediately afterwards. The Wolf gives Axl a fuck that makes him moan like a pig. The pent-up sperm sauce squirts from his master deep into his mouth.

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